Indoor Arc P4 LED HD Display Located in Greenland Group
2016/4/13 0:00:00
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VERYPIXEL recently finished a project for a world top 500 enterprises in Shanghai-Greenland Group headquarter, which is a indoor P4 arc HD LED dislay. It's about 8 meters width, 4 meters high,looks very spectacular.




It's a really large area program for inner arc LED screen in the industry, because there is certain difficulty for indoor high definition inner arc LED screen board. However, Verypixel solved the problems and overcame the difficulties to make such a great project for Greenland Group, they are very satisfied with our services.  

One technical difficulty to install an inner arc led display is ghost artifacts. When viewers standing at a fixed position to watch the screen, what they saw are not on a same horizontal surface, different viewing angle could see different images. So VP's energineers considered this problem at the beginning of design, they adopted chrominance and luminance correction technology maximum reduced the colour differential values generated by arc display surface. To customers's suprise, this arc led screen show an excellent display effect after completed.



With the progress of LED display screen technology, industry development tending to outdoor SMD, HD display and transparent display areas. VERYPIXEL keeping up with industry trends, committed to providing providing customers with professional and quality LED display screen, Implement our corporate culture: "Only Offers Quality Pixel" from the first to last.


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