Double sided LED display rock American market with fancy charming
2011/5/17 0:00:00

America is a sign country, every company, every shop; even every person needs a sign. When you drive on the roads, passing by the crossings, signs are always there trying to catch your eyes. Sign is the most important part of your business advertising, and a good sign could push your business to a much higher level, could polish your company image impressive. Remember, sign makes brand and fame.


Key words for Double sided LED signs: ventilation, heat dissipation, wireless control, strong structure, programmable.


1. Verypixel is an LED sign expert; we specially designed many kinds of digital signs and sold to the whole world. From single color LED moving sign to full color LED video sign, we offer from A to Z solution.



Look at this double sided LED digital sign, this is Mono color sign, look at the clarity, and letters’ edges, pure black color LED panel surface, this sign made in 2008 for American market, with radio wireless control and photo-resistance sensor to auto-adjust the brightness, it still radiates with charming.


2. Verypixel double sided LED display is one of the best sellers among all series, with mature wireless controlling system, and exquisite structure, Verypixel dual face LED digital boards are especially popular in Europe and North American market.



This double face display is going to be installed in Dallas Fort worth TX. The full color duo-face LED digital sign will be the owner’s greatest money maker and fame generator; every pixel will shine for your business up.


3. The specially designed double sided structure allows you swing open the cabinet from front, the same function with front service, while this type is much more stable and stronger. The system runs the best heat ventilation system. All the hot air comes out automatically from the sides.



4. Perfect waterproof system, this structure has perfect IP protection rank: IP67. Water never comes in from the top, and at the bottom no water could stay. The strong steel structure for our duo-face LED display could last for many years.



5. With an embedded IPC to control full color LED display plus radio Ethernet bridge to connect your computer to the IPC, never will you worry about the durability and stability. This system has been tested in many cases. Control your sign from your laptop or desktop, now your sign comes to your monitor, waiting for you to add some color on it. Your business got a super effective channel to tell everybody.


Years of experience doing LED double sided digital sign, double face LED sign, dual face LED digital board, highly skilled thermal-mechanic designers, super stable controlling system, Verypixel never could fail you.

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