Giant LED Display- Selling Solutions Instead of Selling Products
2014/6/3 0:00:00

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At the world famous LED exhibition-InfoComm China 2014, a representative once said:  “Our LED display products have the ability to display all kinds of signal into the screen.”  "Could these display message achieve a real time linkage as consumer’s requirements to help them for decision making?”  he looked confused about it when the reporter asked. That is the point which is the users really care about.


250sqm P16 Nichia giant LED display

This conversation can be a vivid explanation for the modern competitive LED/LCD screen manufacturers & purchasing of different brands. From the interview we realized that many companies wish to make breakthrough, they have to get rid of the simple hardware competition but turn to enrich the product lines. Combining with strong hardware facilities and quality products is an important way to promote an effective solution for customers according to their requirements.


Products Orientation to Customers Value Orientation

>> Zhao Han Ding, the branch general secretary of CVIA(China Video Industry Association) indicated that there are many different industries have the demand of large LED screens. For example,  the sales of domestic security industry is about 6 billion dollars in year 2010, and it will increase to 13 billion dollars in 2014. According to the relatively survey data, the industries scale of global smart cities will be up to one hundred trillion yuan in the following 20 years. Besides, the digital signage place a very important role in promoting the market of large LED screen displays.


>> There is an increasing demand of the visualization solutions in nowadays market. However, there is trade war between the enterprises,which makes homogeneity competition in hardware facilities. These could be hard to meet every customer's special needs.


>> Nowadays, users from all walks of life are tending to make a closed combination with their own business and display & controlling facilities. For instance, the Public Security Emergency Command Center requires the display control system could receive the emergency calls at the first time. It can also make a plan at the first place to help police, traffic department and medical make a fast move in order to solve the emergency successfully. This can not be finished only by hardware facilities. It can be done only by the help of our quality products, corresponding software and professional service.


>> Enterprises are trying to lead our customers from products orientation to value orientation and provide them with a visual communication solution. These solutions should combine with a series of organic synthesis technology like display device technology, image processing technology and all kinds of supported application of information software platform system. Depending on different application scenarios, using the Internet and various technology to display all kinds of message on the screen.


Each One has its Good Points


>> Industry analysts point out that giant screen splicing technology tend to be multiplex development in the future. Since 2009, Samsung promoted an ultra slim DID LCD splicing unit, the market share is increasing year by year for its advantages of super slim, long-lived, low maintenance cost, low power consumption, high definition and energy conservation and environment protection. In terms of DLP (display) splicing technology, owing to a long time accumulation and development in this industry, the advantages of flat-fell seam to make it suitable for application in the industry that has a higher demand of stitching images.


>> With the application of LED (light-emitting diode) backlight technology, light bulb life has improved in DLP technology. With the characteristics of the seamless splicing and adjustable in  dimension, whats more, good effect in consistency, simple adjust process and convenient maintenance,  LED displays are becoming more and more popular with people from all walks of life.

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