Verypixel Special LED DJ booth display located at SZ Happy Nest Bar
2015/5/7 0:00:00
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Bar is a entertainment place mainly opened for young man. Therefore, many bars designed some special and fashion style. Until today, various fatasty bars have been already decorated the lighting effect as very luxury.However,DJ booth and LED stage screen as the most powerful instigator, they are still featureless as often.




Recently, VERYPIXEL designed a pretty special LED DJ booth display for Shenzhen Le Chao ( Happy nest ) Bar. the booth designed as a diamond style and matched with P4mm SMD irregular shape modules, which is really striking.

The difficulties of designing this specil LED dispkay are various special-shaped PCB CAD, splicing the modules together and the internal layout of power supply, receiving cards and other accessories. Moreover, it is hard to plan the overall load-carrying distribution of inverted triangle LED DJ booth display.





Verypixel electronics engineers and structural engineers took less than 20 days to provide a best solution for our customer and successfully finished this LED product as our client required, which also received highly reconition.


VERYPIXEL is an outstanding enterprise famous for excellent solutions and quality LED products. We always uphold the business philosohy"Only Offer Quality Pixel". So,What is your imagination? Tell us, let’s realize it!

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