VERYPIXEL Special Display located in Changsha Rainbow Shopping Center
2015/8/19 0:00:00
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As we all know that LED display screen have been used widely in many areas, especially in advertisement industry. LED display billboards is the mian stream for outdoor advertising supporter.


Rainbow shopping center is one of the largest shopping center in China,an eye-catching LED advertising display will certainly become the spotlight for the public. With decades development of LED display, the technology can not rigidly to the traditional rectangular screen any longer. VERYPIXEL as one of the leading LED manufacturer in this industry, who has been committed to the development of various special-shaped LED screen in order to meet the diverse needs of the market.




Today, VP finished the installation of P6 special-shaped screen at Changsha Rainbow shopping mall, which is another breakthrough for Verypixel in the areas of Special-shaped LED display. This project adopted the regular modules, triangle modules and the fan-shaped modules.Our R&D team worked together overcome the challenges of special-shaped PCB panel designs, presented a real artistic product to our customer.


The modules adopt Nichia SDM2828 black LEDs,displays excellent and stable quality, seamless and accurate structural design. After finished the project and show to our client, which has been highly recognized by customers.




VERYPIXEL has been always insist of Only Offer Quality Pixels. Our quality is not only on the product itself also committed to the pre-sale and after-sales services, which is the key to keep long-term and stable cooperation with our customers. We look forward to working with more business partners,expand Verypixel spirit to the global display market.

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