3D LED LCD TV, HD LED Display 

The LCD television market- we believe that they will represent most of the LED TV displays purchased in the approaching future. All this attributes to decreased prices, thinner designs, and reduced power consumption.

We believe that this will result in more televisions being purchased overall. We can't forget about the development of 3D LED TV displays. The long-term effects are also quite obvious: televisions will continue drop in price, traditional LCD displays will quickly disappear in the following days. However, this will not be before a dramatic price decrease in traditional LCD displays, which we have already begun to see throughout the marketplace. Furthermore, I believe the LCD TV industry will probably get to work on expanding 3D LED televisions in the future. 3D technology is still expensive — somewhat like how LED televisions were priced only but a few years ago — but you can be sure that the television manufacturers are already working on their LED killers. The time frame to determine when this will happen is, of course, difficult to check, but with the technology developing so fast, it wouldn't be difficult to assume that in the next coming years.

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