Buying Guide of LED Display (Part B)
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How to help users select a good LED display?
1. The needs of display content
2. The confirmation of viewing distance and viewing angle
3. The demand resolution of an LED display
4. The installation environment
5. The cost controlling. 


The aspect ratio of LED displays?
>> Graphic screen: according to the display content
>> Video screen: the aspect ratio is usually 4 : 3 or close to 4 : 3 but the ideal ratio is 16: 9.


How many dots can a set of control system capable of controlling?
>> Communication screen card A is capable of 1024 x 64 dots for single color and tri-color.
>> Communication screen card B is capable of 896 x 512dots for single color screens and 896 x 256dots for tri-color LED screens.
>> DVI double color LED screen: 1280×768
>> DVI ful color LED screen: 1024 × 512


outdoor LED advertising displays


What kinds of factors should be take into consideration in designing the sizes of an LED screen?

>>  There are three vital factors should be concerned when designing a screen
1. The demand of displaying content
2. The outer environment and spaces conditions
3. The unit modules or pixel pitches select

>> The electronic of display over10 kilowatts should be added more buck boot devices.
>> Communication Requirements: Communication distance bases on the definition of communication lines.
>> To use the standard communication lines according to the type of installed led display.
>> Communication lines are not allowed to connect with power line in the same way.

>> Installation requirements: Screen installed around the level, the dumping is not permitted.
>> Hanging style have to install an up/down adjustment lever.
>> Before wall hanging installation should put a hook to prevent it forwarding.
>> Seating installation should add bracket an frame fix bolt.


What requirements of power consumption indicator and powers?
>> LED display power consumption separate to average power consumption and maximum power consumption. The average consumption also called working power, which is the actual operating power consumption. The maximum power is the power consumption of the machine started or full bright in such extreme conditions. The maximum power consumption is a factor of AC power supply ( wire, switches, etc. ) must be considered. Average power consumption is generally is the third of maximum power consumption.

>> LED display is a large sophisticated electronic equipment, therefore, in order to make a safe condition and reliable operation, we have to make surethe AC 220V input and the connecting computer must be grounded. 


What kind of issues should be took into consideration when design or install an outdoor led display screen ? The mainly issues as follow:

1.Outdoor LED screen is assembled outside under the harsh environment like raining, dust. Electronic equipment gets wet or damp will cause serious short-circuit or even fire and result in losses ;
2.The display may be subject to strong electric magnetic attacks caused by lightning.
3.Ambient temperature changes. If the ambient temperature is too high heat and bad , IC may not work properly , or even burned so that will cause the LED display system not work.

4.Required long viewing distance and wide viewing angles. Ambient light changes, in particular may be subject to direct sunlight.


For more specific requirements , outdoor display must be done below procedures:
1.The LED screen and the building must be strictly waterproof and leakproof.
2.Install lightning protection devices on the display and buildings.Keeping the display enclosure and screen body to maintain a good grounding and the grounding resistance should be less than 3 ohms to ensure the large currents caused by lightning discharge in a timely manner.
3.Installation of  cooling ventilation equipment, make sure the screen operation temperature between -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Installed fans above behind the screen to discharge the heat.
4.Selectin industrial-grade integrated circuit chip’soperation temperature between -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ to prevent the led display can not be started in winter.
5.In order to guarantee long-distance visible light strongly at ambient conditions , we must choose ultra-high- brightness light-emitting diodes ;
6.Selecting the new wide viewing angle display medium pipe, which has the characteristics of wide viewing angle, color pure, coherent and coordinated, span lifetime over 100,000 hours.  The outer packaging of the display media is the most popular material along with the square tube, silicone seal and metal-free assembly. Its exquisite appearance , durable, with anti- sunlight , dustproof, water proof, available working under high temperature, anti- short circuit.

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