Car LED Panel

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Car LED Panel is a very fast growing market. It has become very popular in advertising field and attracts more and more attention than the fixed. Car led screen are widely used on street, living quarters where more people can be found. Verypixel has the most best, customized, integrated & competitive car LED panel solution for the rental use advertising LED signage.


With the our mature led technology ,rich LED display manufacturing experience & mass production model, we can provide the most competitive & customized car LED panel solution for you. The pixels of Verypixel car led display involved P4-P25. Normally, car LED panel are used for outdoor, but we can make indoor from P4-P8 as guests request.


Verypixel provides you three sided, double sided, one side Car LED panel. If you feel the height view is not perfect, you don't need to use a lot of energy adjust. Car LED panel can be lifted and rotate 360 degrees. The style, size, and delivery term also can be customized. LED Display Screen are widely used in commercial advertising LED display, Stadium perimeter LED display, Mobile trailer LED panel for mobile media, bank &stock exchange LED panel for rates showing, train &bus station, airport, telecommunication LED panel system for information showing and instruction.

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