Complex Screen Connection

1.  Run NovaLCT-Mars, move the cursor over the  Advanced User Login (A) and click the button.


2. Login with the password “ admin ”.


3. Click on the  Screen Configuration button.


4. Select  Current Operation Communication Port and go to  Next step.


5. Click to select  Complex Screen on the  Screen Connection page. Add a Receiving Card by clicking  Add button.


6. Input the  Sending Card Number # , the  Port Number # , where the Receiving Card Number 1 is connected. And set the 

Starting X Coordinate , Starting Y Coordinate ,  Width &  Height . Then click  Add to complete one receiving card setting. In

complex screen connection setting, you have the freedom to set the starting coordinate and the resolution of each

Receiving Card.


7. Repeat Step 6 to add more Receiving Cards according to your actual connection. In this page, you also can  Edit, Delete the

Receiving Cards you added before.


8. Click to  Send to HW and Save to finish the setting.



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