Customized Color Space

1.  Run NovaLCT-Mars, move the cursor over the  Advanced User Login (A) and click the button



2. Login with the password “ admin ”.



3. Click on the  Settings button, move the cursor over the  Advanced Color
Configuration (O) and click the button.


4. Click to select the  Configure Color Space page.



5. Drag the three vertexes of the black triangle to set Target Color Space according your needs. In another way, input the

specific color coordinates (Cx, Cy of Red, Green and Blue) to define the Target Color Space.



6. Click the green cross button  to add a customized color space with previous settings.


7. Give the new color space a name and click  OK , then you will see a button of the customized color space added besides 

     NTSC button.


8. Click on the new button  Custom1 , and check the box of  Enable color space adjustment to apply the customized color

space. If you want to restore the original color space, please uncheck the box of  Enable color space adjustment



9.  Send the setting to the hardware and never forget to save the settings by click  Save to HW  button.



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