Electronic LED Signs

LED Electronics Signs, Indoor and Outdoor Sign


Verypixel specializes in a wide range of Electronic LED Signs. It can be as simple as pointing a wireless keypad and programming timely messages. We can connect to your PC or LAN network using our easy to use software. If you are looking for indoor or outdoor displays, we have what you need. In standard or custom designs, we have an Electronic LED display to suit your needs.Verypixel has the largest fleet of rental signs and scoreboards in China and the largest range of electronic sign and display products, systems and technologies in other countries.


Verypixel has a visual solution for your advertising, information or communication needs. We are a market leader in indoor and outdoor electronic advertising and information signs and displays, sports scoreboards, timing and scoring systems, airport and transportation information displays and highways systems.

Verypixel combines 7 years of experience with the latest technology to provide you with unparalleled image quality and value for money.


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