Front Service Advertising LED Display Solution
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Advertising LED display is usually installed in the street, on the roof of building, on the wall and highway, for showing static or dynamic image, videos, messages etc.


LED display can deliver brilliant and natural colors. With this outstanding performance, it attracts high-end clients and boosts ad revenue. Verypixel advertising LED display solution, included front service LED display and rear maintenance LED display. Stable quality and advanced technology, reduce operation and maintenance cost.


Fronn service LED display maintenance


Fronn service LED display maintenance


>> Front access design allows making any LED display board available from the front side, which is suitable for some special locations where there is no more space for rear maintenance. It can also help to save a lot of spaces.

>> The back use humanized design makes the module more convenient to hold and be able to double-layer waterproof. Even though the water can seep into the screen, it will not cause any damage to the LED panels. 

>> The module fast lock makes it supper easy and fast to assemble & disassemble. It only takes you 8 seconds. With this, you may save a lot of time and labor cost.


The least resolution of outdoor advertising LED display: we need to know LED display screen that will show videos with a normal quality standard must have a minimum of at least 43,000 physical pixels  in total, and high definition LED display screens at least a total of 60,000 physical pixels.


University of western sydney Front Service LED Display

University of western sydney Front Service LED Display


In other words, small LED display screen require a higher resolution per square meter to achieve complete resolution of the screen and among the largest LED screen displays less resolution is needed to reach a total of 43,000 pixels resolution.

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