High Quality Waterproof LED Modules

verypixel waterproof led module

Verypixel Waterproof outdoor LED displays are all good effect of harsh weather resistance. Our waterproof LED module is ideal replacement of neon light and other traditional advertising lighting. We usually adopt waterproof 5050SMD for LED modules which are low power consumption and are 80% energy saving. They are also high brightness, with full range colors are available. These LED modules are easy to install and convenient to use in all display situation.


We have the ability of supplying many different types of LED modules, such as DIP modules for 1 LEDs(ingle color), 2 LEDs(tri-color), 3 LEDs(full color), 4 LED(full color for virtual), and SMD 3528 LEDs, SMD 5050 LEDs. And we can also supply the waterproof led modules. Those LED products can be used in the advertisement displays. Now many people want to use our waterproof LED modules to make the signboard for indoor window display and outdoor advertising screen. With our new designed LED product, there is no longer needs to use a traditional advertisement tools like posters. Our shinning products will bright more eyes from public people in the street.

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