How to make an static-free environment in the production of LED display

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Many people were curious about why should we wearing shoes cover, anti-static ring and clothes when we visit a factory. Speaking of this problem, it requires the knowledges of electrostatic protection during the manufacturing process of LED screens. As you know, there are many LED lamps without lighting mainly caused by static.


The source of static during the manufacturing process of LED Display


1. Object, Materials
2. The floor, Working chairs and tables
3. Overalls, Packaging container
4. Oil painted & waxed surface, Organic and glass fiber materials
5. Cement floor, Painted & waxed floor,  Plastic floor tile & plastic floor leather
6. Chemical fiber clothes, The non-conductive work shoes,Clean cotton overalls
7. Plastic. Packing boxes, case, bag, plate, poly-foam spacer



It will cause failure or damage on the electronic equipment if we ignored electro static-free in any processes of the LED display manufacturing. Even without electricity when the semiconductor device was separated or loaded circuit, the electronic equipment might also be permanent damaged caused by static.  As we all know that LED is a kind of semiconductor component, once the voltage between two pins or more of the LED lamps are stronger than the components of medium, which also results in damages to the components. The thinner oxide layer, and the LED driver IC, the greater the sensitivity to static electricity, such as solder is not full, there is a problem of the quality of the solder itself, etc., will have serious leakage path, causing devastating damage.


Another problem is caused by over heat(more than 1415°C). The energy of static impulse could produce sector heat, which will direct breakdown modulator tube and IC. It will also happen in the condition of the voltage less than breakdown voltage. For example, we all know that The LED is composed of p-n junction diode,so the breakdown between the emitter and the base will cause the current to reduce drastically. After LED lamps & IC affected by static electricity, they might not have functional damages immediately but show up in the process of using that has a fetal impact on LED’s life span.


Manufacturing a LED display requires seriously and carefully attitude. ESD protection is one of the significant step in the course of production. Currently, most people have a too short awareness of ESD protection to meet the needs of professional LED display production, which means we need more researching and discission.


Static clean workshop

Verypixel Static clean workshop


How to make an static-free environment in the production of LED display


1. Organized a static knowledge and the related technical training for those staff who is sensitive to static electricity.

2. Establishing an anti-static area.  Anti-static floor, ESD desk, Anti-static grounding wire and other Anti-static equipment should be set in that area along with working humidity controlled at least 40.

3. Damage caused by static electricity to electronic equipment could be in anywhere from manufacturers to outdoor equipment. Without enough & effective training & Equipment understeer are the main reasons. The LED screen is a device that are sensitive to static. INGAN chips are generally considered to be "first" one that easy to be interferential compare with ALINGAPLEDSSHI chips.

4. Damaged ESD equipment will show the dim and blurred, put out, short or low VF or VR. Damaged ESD equipment should not be confused with electronic overload, such as wrong current design or drive, wafer articulated, shielding grounding wires or encapsulation, or ordinary environment induced stress, etc.

5. ESD safety and control procedures: Most of the electronic and optical company ESD is very similar, and has successfully achieved all the ESD equipment control, manipulation and the main program. These programs have been used to test the quality effect. Therefore, ISO - 9000 certification has listed it on the normal control program


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