LED Display Boards for Buses

led bus screen

Nowadays, these LED products LED Display Boards for Buses are highly popularity by city municipal transport, undertakings and others public places.


Most using of P10 or P12 SMD & DIP modules with external and internal side are fully electronic without any moving parts. Combining with a wide viewing angle, brightness adjusted through a built-in sensor, which reacts to the ambient light conditions thereby ensuring maximum readability. These bus LED display boards are usually applied to display details of the next bus station to send route number and destination name to the front/rear/side display boards.. They can also make an announcement of route number and destination name in synchronization with the same that is displaying on side display board. Configuring language of destination name in front/rear display boards to either english or regional language.


This kind of LED display board brings great convenient to people traveling outside. If you don’t find any available bus led display board , feel free to contact us.

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