The Common Terminology of LED Displays

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LED Displays Common Terminology


1. LED module Brightness

The brightness of light emitting diode generally use luminous intensity to define. We common use Candela(cd) as units, and 1000ucd = 1mcd, 1000mcd = 1cd. For indoor LED applications, the brightness is about 500ucd-50mcd, but for outdoor applications the brightess usually around 100 mcd-1000 mcd or even over 1000mcd.


2. Pixel Pitch, Pixel Density and Data Capacity

Pixel Pitch is the distance between each pixel on your sign, also called dot pitch. Pixel Density is the number of pixels in per unit area. The number of elements contained in per unit area called the information capacity or data capacity. These 3 elements are describle the same thing in essence, dot pixel use distance between two pixels to reflect the pixel density, pixel pitch and density are 2  physical attribute elements of an LED billboard display; and information capacity is a quantity unit which reflects the data-carrying capacity of pixel density.

The closer the pixels, the crisper and more lifelike your image will be, which means higher density, more data information. If the wider the pixel is, the other elements will be opposite.   


3. Resolution
Number of rows and columns of pixels called the LED display resolution, it is the total amount pixels of an LED screen,which also determines the information capacity of a LED computer screen.


4. LED Panels
Set LED Modules assembled in the matrix according to actual size needs,outfit with specific driving circuit,DC regular power supply, control software, sctructures and other decorations to finished a indoor or outdoor LED panel.


5. Grey Scale
Greyscale refers to the LED glowing change degrees of pixles. There are 8 grades to 1024 grades for 1 primary LED color. For example, persume that ther are 256 grades garyscale for every LED color, so the gray of tri-color LEDs will be 256 x 256=64K grades,also called 256 colors LED sign.


6. Two Basic Color
Some are dual-color LED display screen that every pixel has two LED chips, one is red chip and the other one is green. When one single chip bright,it shows single red or green color, but when these two chips bright at the same time, we could be showed yellow.


7. Full Color
Three primary colors would constitute a full color screen(red, green and blue basic colors ). As blue and green chips technology are pretty mature now, thus the market are mostly available in full colorl displays.

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