LED Moving Message Display Sign

Indoor and outdoor Full Color LED Electronic Display, Moving Message Display 

This project LED moving message display sign is developed to provide display source to scroll different events and important notices that will be announced on a mall building.


This project mainly contains display board, a PC, a control circuit and a computer. Using these devices we are able to scroll the messages in the display board which is 7 characters lengthy. This project can also be used for many commercial purposes for advertisements, general purpose display, etc. This led display circuit is used to display messages at railway stations, buses and bus stations, schools, hospitals etc. This project can be done at home and can be used for domestic purposes as well. And this can also be extended to different character by changing the programming part. The scrolling message display will allow the user to type in any alphanumeric message and see it displayed through an array of red LED’s.


Messages can be created and saved on the display’s microcomputer by use of a terminal program on a PC. The PC and microcomputer will communicate via serial port. After the message is created and saved, the display can be detached from the PC and then plugged in elsewhere to scroll the message. The circuit board was designed with the microcontroller located on the back of the circuit board leaving just the display and reset button on the front. Your message is hard coded into code space within the microcontroller.

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