Fantastic LED Sign

LED Open Sign, Semi-outdoor LED Sign  

LED presence in the retail world is ever prevalent with outdoor and indoor LED Signs. It has a variety of applications in outdoor signs: from LED display, electronic business signs and custom signs, to channel letter signs, its versatility is indisputable. Verypixel LED Display offers customers a variety of customized LED electronics signs. We have the ability to provide monochrome LED signs, tricolor LED signs, or full color LED signs with various options, ranging from small to large, indoor or outdoor, remote-controlled LED signs or computer-controlled LED signs as your requests. This means, that whether you have a small business or a huge corporation, we have LED signs that fit your needs, without burning a hole in your pockets.

A high quality LED open sign is not only brightness, but also has a wide light-spread angle and harsh weather resistances .Verypixel practically could be able to design a LED open sign solution for any business establishment you may own. Our LED open signs adopt quality chips for a higher diode density, wich makes our signs much brighter than average. With IP65 ingress protection, our products have good effect of waterproof, dustproof, have a good vision under hard weather.

We surely believe that a quality products should be provided with quality after-sale services. Our knowledgeable engineers and skilled sales representatives will assist you with every step of the shopping experience to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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