LED for Outdoor Displays

P20 LED Outdoor Display 

A big LED outdoor display and digital billboard display really can be installed almost anywhere like train station,airport,etc. People can see large LED outdoor screen displays from long distances and during the day or night, which is a huge advantage. This means you will get your message across to more people and create a strong presence. Plus, they look very, very impressive.

Large scale outdoor LED display signs are often installed on buildings for promotional and publicity use, such as theaters, cinemas, leisure centers, shopping centers, offices, councils, the list goes on.

Verypixel has been in the design and supply of indoor&outdoor LED display screens for 7 years and obtained rich experience in LED advanced technology. Our LED outdoor displays and digital billboard systems can work well in a outdoor harsh weather environment. They are not only for sports stadiums, they are a brilliant advertising medium for roadside advertising, billboards, safety messages or advertising displays to providing clear messages and images 24 hours a day and can generate quite a profitable return in the right location. The decision to purchasing a colorful LED outdoor display from VP will allows your business benefit from our excellent product and technical support for the life of our displays.

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