LED Programmable Sign

Portable LED Signs, Programmable LED Signs and Custom LED Signs. 

Verypixel is a Custom Outdoor Led Signs Company. We offer portable Led signs, programmable Led signs and custom Led signs. From corner stores to major shopping centers, from local churches to government offices, from household appliance stores to local Pizzerias, LED signs are working to their full potential.


Verypixel specializes in the manufacturing of programmable and customized LED signs and displays for a wide range of businesses and organizations. Through many years of experience and advanced product knowledge, our promise is to offer high quality products at affordable prices that are supported by our dependable service. In today's technologically advanced environment, digital signage is rapidly replacing traditional communication methods.


LED signs showcase excellent colors and images that capture the attention of audiences. In addition, LED signs have the ability to communicate multiple messages within seconds which can be easily programmed and tailored to meet your organization's communication needs. At verypixel, we are committed to helping you find the most suitable LED solution for your business. Please, visit our showroom or contact us for more information.

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