LED RGB Panel, Outdoor Advertising Display 

LED RGB panels are extremely versatile and can be produced in various bespoke shapes and sizes – even curved - to suit the lighting application required. The LED panels can be supplied with different color temperatures of light by fitting them with warm white through to cool white LED. For more colorful lighting options the light panels can be fitted with color changing RGB LED. The brightness of the LED, used in the light sheets, can be high output or super high output enabling us to get the brightest light output achievable from any edge illuminated panel. Alternatively if more control over the brightness is required to create more subtle lighting effect then the LED panels can be supplied with a dimmable controller so the light can be reduced to the preferred level.


The LED panel offers a long and maintenance free lifespan as they are made with high quality durable electrical components and are thermally managed by an integrated heat sink. The life expectancy of the LED used in the light sheet is over 50,000 hours, which equates to over 5 years usage based upon 24 hours usage per day. As well as longevity, LED panels are also very energy efficient, as you would expect from an LED illuminated product. With their high quality LED, they offer significant energy savings in comparison to traditional LED lighting.

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