LED Screen Panel

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If you're looking for a large format display that offers advanced technology and multiple performance features, then the LED screen panel is a bright idea. We are a leader in offering products for both the home and office present a visual, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to control your business communications.


Whether you're displaying live information, advertisements or presentations on the large screen, direct LED technology, we will make them look and sound their ultimate best, conveying your messages loud and clear to your audience. By reducing the heat radiation, your digital signage is optimized, power consumption is minimized and consequently, you will save on power costs. With HDMI, VGA and DVI-D connectors as well as USB input, you can enjoy various connection options for total user engagement.


With an easy plug and play style setup, you'll be ready to start communicating, presenting and working with your new LED screen panel straight away, without any fuss. As a perfect solution to digital signage and corporate communications, consider the LED screen display as your next reliable investment.

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