LED Sign Display

LED Panel,SMD Package,LED Components,LED Sign Display Screens 

LED sign display is a new generation of fresh digital media and now has become one of the most powerful channels for advertising. For the increasing demand of city media resources, LED sign display’s vivid colors and sharp images can deliver amazing visual impact, can not only attract those passing by maximize the media value but also highlight the commercial value of the media resource. Verypixel maintains its position as a leader in the LED industry providing the design, development and manufacture of LED sign display screen solutions for a wide range of professional markets including Sports, Commercial, Rental and Entertainment.


As a one-stop solution provider, verypixel creates unrivalled value through the design and manufacture of innovative hardware and software products leveraging all aspects of its vertically integrated industry chain, from LED panel, SMD package, to LED components, LED sign display screens .Verypixel delivers stunning LED solutions satisfying the most stringent customer requirements.

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