LED display vs LCD display, who is the king of display effect

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>> Recently, with rapid development of LED display, there is a rat race between electronic LED screen and LCD display. They both could be used in many public places, however, how to help the customers to choose what they want? The following message will make a clearly distinction advantages & disadvantages of them.




>> LED display screen also named electronic LED screen. It is composed of LED matrix dot and LED pcb board, using different color LED lamps (like red, blue, white, green) to show the text, images, carton or video to the screen. It possesses the characteristics of low power consumption, long span life, low cost, high brightness, barely MTBF, wide viewing angle and wide viewing distances, whats more, it adopts low voltage driving scan. An LED display screen could not only used for indoor application but also used for outdoor environment. Moreover, these LED screen displays are widely adopted to station, wharf, airport, bank, building, shopping mall, hospital, stadium, school, auction house, business administration bureau and some other public places.


>> However, LCD display screen was put every unit board together. It is a kind of butted screen adopts combination software control system to show the pictures. Currently, common splicing has 5.3MM 55-inch ultra-narrow LCD splicing, 6.7MM 46-inch ultra-narrow LCD splicing screen, 47-inch LCD stitching, 60-inch and 40-inch LCD Video Wall Narrow LCD splicing system.


>> In contrast with TV and PC LCD screen, LCD panel holds higher brightness. The brightness of TV and PC LCD screen is 250~300cd/m2, while the brightness of DID LCD screen is above to 700cd/m2. Owing to LCD screen could always keep the color and brightness when every dot received a signal. It is not like CRT has to refresh all the pixels consistently. Therefore, LCD screen possesses a uniform brightness and high quality images without twinkling. If you watch it in a very short distance, you could get a more clear picture into your eyes.


Contrast to LED display screen and LCD display screen, which one will be superior? Please look at the following analysis.


>> Longer life span than LCD screen.
>> Higher refresh frequency than LCD screen.
>> Lower power consumption than LCD screen, better use environmental protected LED screen.
>> More pure color than LCD screen, with wider color area and higher brightness which could magnify the viewing angle.
>> Viewing Distance: LCD screen suitable for a close viewing distance. However, the latest LED technology could be able to make the pixel pitch to 1.9mm, therefore, a closer distance viewing is not a problem for LED screen.
>> The backlight of LED screen is made by LED lamps, while LCD is made by Cold cathode ray tube.


>> It depends on where you want to install or some detailed requirements to choose LED screen or LCD screen. Firstly, LCD screen is suitable for indoor & viewing distance under 10 meters application like monitor room or meeting center. However, the LED screen is suitable for outdoor & long viewing distances places for its pixel pitch is limited. An indoor LED screen also suitable for spacious place like theater,whose best viewing distance is 6m to 80m long with its brightness is about 1000- 2000nits. At present, with development of LED technology, the smallest LED pixel pitch have been achieved to 1.9mm, which means LED screen is tending to expand its application filed and will be more widely used in the future.


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