Outdoor LED Panel installation environment consider

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Verypixel provide the full solutions of Outdoor LED Panel, the product has SMD LED Display, and RGB LED Display for outdoor use, P10mm, P12mm,  P16mm, P20mm. Outdoor LED Panel Display is a large display screen system combining micro-electronic, computer and information processing technologies. Outdoor LED panel is prominent of the distinct features of the high brightness, the bright colors, durability and stability of the products.


Outdoor LED Panel


In all the display media choices, Outdoor LED Panel products rank number one, and is widely used in stadiums, commercial advertisement, information transmission, news release, stock market and so on. It is one of the most advanced Outdoor LED Panel media in SZ.


Outdoor LED Panel


What is Outdoor LED Panel installation environment allows the body are factors to consider?

a. Relationship between the effective line of sight with the actual size of the venue;
b. Pixel dimensions and resolution;
c. Unit as the base of the area is estimated;
d. LED Panel mechanical installation and maintenance of operating space;
e. LED Panel view angle of impact on the distance.

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