Outdoor LED Signs Prices

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LED Signs Prices, LED display or electronic billboard depends on two variables. Those two variables are the total size of the LED screen, and the total resolution of the LED screen. The total size of the LED screen: The bigger or larger the LED screen is, the higher the cost will be. The total resolution of the screen: The more pixels, or the more number of LED, the screen has the higher the cost will be. For example if a screen is 12sqm and has 49,000 pixels, it will be cheaper if the LED screen is 12sqm with 120,000 pixels.


This is because more LED lamps will be placed on the screen which will cost higher. But on the other hand the more LED the screen has, the higher the detail will be of the videos and images that the LED screen will be publishing. Why LED screens have different costs and prices? Everything depends on the customers′ needs. Some customers want the public to see their LED screen from a distance of 10 meters and further, and others from 20 meters and further. The more resolution a screen has the closer will be the viewing distance without loosing detail looking at the screen from close by. For that we always need the client to answer us several questions to determine the right LED screen size and resolution and come with the right proposal.


Nothing is predetermined, but based on the needs of the client. If you want to know what are our prices per square meter please let us know and give us a call, or contact us by writing an email or online chat. We can send you our prices and you can figure out what will be the right size and right resolution for your LED screen that fits your budget.

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