RGB LED Wall Panel

RGB LED Wall Panel, LED display 

The LED wall panel is a versatile feature which can create a massive impact to a venue. Based around using strings of LED, the LED Wall panel can be tailored to meet most requirements. By spacing the LED at different intervals, we can adjust the resolution, and the cost of the overall system. Smaller spacing gives better quality graphics and images, but at a higher cost. By using strings of LED, the system can be used on curved walls, and go around various awkward shapes and angles. RGB LED Wall panels can set the mood for any environment.


These are perfect for architectural, retail, display, club, mood and accent lighting. Our wall panels use led's that are ultra bright to bring you many different color shows. With the controller you can have over 20 different patterns that include chase, color flows and even graphics. All of our RGB LED wall panels are completely DMX controllable. Our panels are easy to install and come with complete instructions. You can also use our panels with the tube lights we sell as well. Panels are made of a milky white optically diffused polycarbonate and have an aluminum base housing.

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