LED Interpretation: Compare the characteristics of the Soft Curtain Panels and LED Displays


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LED displays also called LED electronic displays, which are controlled by Light Emitting Diodes. They are consisting of many red LEDs and display the text with the lighting of these LEDs. LED display screen is mainly use to display text, graphics, images, animation and video signal and so on. With the development of LED display technology and development, there are many different types, different uses of LED display screen. Here Verypixel are pleased to introduce the general characteristics of flexible LED curtain and LED display screen.

Flexible LED curtain panels are made up of LED dot matrix; they are using red, green and blue LED light to display text, picture, animation, and videos. The display content can be changed at any time. Each part of component is modular structure display. Ingenious structure design is capable of bending deformation in horizontal and vertical installation. They can still look perfect even in very complex installation requirements. These kind of flexible curtains are consists of display modules, control systems and power systems.


The characteristics are as below:


Adapt to the complex installation environment: Ingenious structure design is capable of bending deformation in horizontal and vertical installation. They can still render perfect images even in very complex installation requirements.

Ease to maintenance: LED embedded bars using the original structure makes it simply to screw 3 nuts to replace a strip light. That can be very easy to maintenance.
High level protection of harsh environment: Testing by a third party professional institutions, VP-Mesh series Soft Curtain protection are up to Level IP65, which are highly waterproof and windproof to be used outdoor.

Lightweight (only 12 kilograms kg / sqm): one man is good enough to install and carry it on, which could save a lot of time and labor cost.

Transparent: Designed by pixel-strip, the permeability rate is up to 60%. Extremely low wind resistances are able to resistant 12 grade wind. You are rest assured of using this product under windy whether.

Thin: the thickness is only 11mm to help you save stage ground and transport space, which brought great convenience to your use and transportation.

Equipped with fast-lock connectors: we selected professional-grade aviation plug connectors to make the display, safety and reliable. Moreover, they are also very convenient to install & dismantle.

High quality power system: Selected high quality power supply, which further ensure our products run stably for a long time.


General Characteristics of LED display screen:


1. High brightness: the brightness of outdoor LED display screens are over 8000mcd/m2, which is the only large display terminal that can be used at outdoor all-weather. For indoor display, the brightness is more than 2000mcd/m2. 
2. Long operating life: LEDs service life is up to 100,000 hours (ten years). This parameter value is said in theory.
3. Wide viewing angle: Indoor viewing angle is greater than 160 degrees; outdoor viewing angle is greater than 120 degrees. The size of the angle depends on the shape of LED light emitting diode.
4. The screen sizes are adjustable, can be large and small. The minimum size can be smaller than 1 square meter and can be large than hundreds or thousands square meters.
5. Easy to interface with the computer, support many kinds of software.

Through the analysis of the above characteristics, we concluded that flexible LED soft curtains are obtained much more advantages compare to standard LED display screen. LED Mesh displays are Light, thin, transparent, elastic bending, easy to installation and maintenance, energy saving and so on. With the development of LED display technology in the future, there will be spring up better, more energy-efficient LED screens to market.

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