Verypixel: Professional LED Board Manufacturer

LED board manufacturer,Quality LED signs

Established in 2007, Verypixel is one of the leader manufacturer of LED indoor & outdoor display, and a full range of single color, tri-color, full-color LED billboard, rental series. It is honor to provide you with our quality LED products and satisfied service. Verypixel is capable of designing any product like LED boards, LED signages and so on as you need. And Verypixel offers only quality pixels.

Our core value is to create the maximum value for our customers. So we design novel and creative products for the market.
● Verypixel is a professional LED display solution offer, designer & manufacturer founded by 6 key engineers of LED display industry.
● What we supply is not only highly reliable Products, but more professional Solutions & extended Services.
● We have 4 engineers who have been working in LED display industry for over 12 years.
● We are good at customized, complicated and integrated systems.
● We have already done over 1000 projects all around the world.
If you you are looking for a LED display board for your project, you are coming to the right place. We will not fail you!

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