Verypixel colour LED moving display board

Tag: LED moving display board, colour LED moving sign, LED message display, LED graphic&text signs, Semi-outdoor moving sign

P10 Semi-outdoor moving sign

Features of Verypixel colour led moving display board as wrote in below


1. Easily display the time, date, custom messages and more in the office, home, store or even parties
2. Remote control or PC programmable
3. Easy to use PC software to quickly upload your custom message and more via USB or serial port
4. Effects to scroll up, snow, twinkle, blink, hold and more plus a random mode
5. Change font sizes and colours
6. Easy to read, even at a distance of up to 40 metres
7. High angle readability, 160 degrees, Suitable for indoor use
8. Brightness control, Text, symbols or graphics (including your own design bitmaps through PC upload)
9. Easy mounting with brackets supplied
10. Long life due to LEDs, up to 5 years constant usage
11. Large memory, 5460 characters and 16 pages of graphic


This simple to use colour moving sign features multiple graphics and effects facilities. In addition, a remote control is provided so that once sited the sign does not need to be accessed. A mains adaptor means that you simply switch on and the unit is ready to go. A serial interface and USB connector are provided so that the unit may be connected to a PC for easy programming.



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