Verypixel traffic LED display advantges

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The traffic LED display is mainly installed in Suburban roads and expressways to release information about weather and road condition, and it exhibits many outstanding properties as demonstrated below




Andantages of traffic LED display

1. The pixel pitch varies from 10mm to 16mm, and it should be determined according to the screen size and viewing distance.

2. The dual-cable hot standly function means that two computers control one display simultaneosuly, and one computer will be in charge automatically on condition that the other one breaks down. So, our product could work normally all the time.

3. Verypixel traffice LED display adopts the fiber-optic transmission system or built-in wireless date transmission module to reveal real-time data(GPRS).

4.This product is applicable in ranily days because of its excellent waterproof property. Technically speaking, the front side has a protection level of IP65, and the back side is IP43 rated.

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