Features of RGB LED Display Screen

RGB LED Display Screen


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RGB led display screen can be programmed to display texts, images, and animations. Our outdoor LED billboard display, is a proprietary modular LED screen system, ideal for outdoor digital media applications. The LED billboard display is unique in design, attractive in appearance, and advanced in control technology.


Features of RGB LED Display Screen:

1.Modular Design: built to your size requirements
2.Innovative framing system reduces installation costs by 30% and installation time by 80%
3.Full motion video utilizing VisionsPlay software
4.Live video feed capacity
5.Trillions of colors available, 16 bit capability
6.Water-tight protection (IP67 rated) - submersible modules
7.Built for long-lasting operation in extreme weather conditions
8.Extraordinarily heat sink design, resulting in long life without cooling fans
9.Compact, rugged, and light weight aluminum alloy construction
10.Automatic brightness control
11.Rear service standard, front service optional
12.Indoor, outdoor, and portable units available

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