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Verypixel can supply any size of indoor or outdoor LED panels screen purchase. Our outdoor LED panels are capable of showing noticeable full color videos, messages and pictures in a simple way. Therefore, the outdoor LED panels is very attractive for outdoor applications like outdoor advertising, events visual support and providing information to visitors and passers-by.



In case of direct sunlight, digital images could become invisible. However, the brightness of outdoor led displays is much higher than normal displays like LCD. Because of this, sunlight problems can be overlooked and verypixel’s outdoor LED panels can be described as the optimal outdoor sender for all your messages.




The Verypixel team has been involved with some of the most prestigious LED panel displays installations and events around the world and across the vast array of LED display markets. With perfect designed products, synthesized solutions and superior products and service guarantee, Verypixel has been highly recognized by domestic and overseas customers. We have been shipping qualified products and services to many and regions all over the world, such as in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Roman, England, Poland, France, Argentina, Russia etc.Verypixel holds the spirit of “service, contribution, innovation and diligence”, so as to provide the best fit products and services for our customers, committing to be the leader in LED display field.

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