Brief analysis of full color LED display supporting product material selection
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Full color LED display is a type of LED display screen. They are using widely and can be seen everywhere. We are going to discuss the selection of full-color LED display supporting materials to help the industry user have comprehensive understanding


 LED chips quality detection


1. LED lights and chips.

LED lamps are not only, they are also the important component of LED electronic display. Therefore, we need to purchase reliable quality, packaging mature LED products. Select LED products must have good stability, small, discreteness, HBM is greater than the voltage attenuation of 4000v, less capable, brightness, wavelength, high point of consistency, better light distribution effect, and can withstand temperature, humidity and UV.


2. Cabinets

The cabinet adopted overall steel or aluminum with the open structure. The top of the box use pins and the bottom of the box use guide sleeve to make sure accurate positioning between cabinets.


LED electronic display cabinet


3.Switch Power Supply

LED displays are adopt some branded voltage-stabilized power supply as module, VERYPIXEL all the procedure are strictly being tested,selected and aged to ensure it completely in line with international safety and quality certification requirements. The lifespan of switch power supply operating under normal conditions are over 10 years. 



Connector is an important connecting devices in the system. High quality connectors product should be adopted to ensure that the connector Gold plating thickness and maintain optimum performance. Guarantee the good electrical connection properties under the high temperature and high humidity environment,which can help the system operating stable for a long-term.



PCB use flame retardant epoxy plate,reasonable design layout to meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility and stability of the circuit. VERYPXIEL process manufacturers should choose the products of well-known manufacturers.


6.Driver IC chips

Driving circuit using international name brand of constant current driver chip. In a large temperature range, maintaining high precision constant current output and high reliability,which can significantly improve the uniformity and reliability of LED screen. Display system materials are mainly pass the certification of CE, FCC, UL, CCC, and ISO 9000. The LED display would improve a lot if we obey the above theory and also greatly decrease the failure rate of an LED screen.



LED industry this potential market has attracted more and more relatively manufacturers to join. Therefore, there are more and more different kinds of products like a mixed box both with good and bad quality. Buyers should have a comprehensive understanding of LED display products, which VERYPIXEL will greatly help you purchase the right product and ensure the maximum utilization of your investment. 

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