LED display modules technological knowledge



Tag: LED display modules, full color LED module, SMD LED modules


LED display module components:

LED Chips, PCB, Driving IC, electric resistance, Capacitor and Plastic suite.

Classify led module by emitting color:

1. Sigle color LED Module, such as Single Red, Single Green, Single Blue, Single yellow, Single whrite LED module.
2. Dual color LED module, Such as Red&Green LED module,Red&Bule LED module.
3. Full color LED module is Mainly use red, green and blue three colors on an LED module products.

Classify led module by application:

LED display module application can be divided into indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor base on the different used space.

Classify led module by led lamps:

LED module can be classified as:Dual In-Line Package DIP LED module, Indoor matrix LED module, Surface mounting LED module.


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