How to solve the color unevenness problem of LED screen?

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color unevenness of led full-color display screen


How to solve the color unevenness problem of LED screen? There are many reasons of full color LED screens display improperly. The senior technical executive of VERYPIXEL made a conclusion for how to solve the color unevenness problem of full color LED displays.


>> If a new LED display powered on but shows color unevenness, it might be wrong set of controlling card or cables are not plugged in right way and 5v power supply made through wrongly will also cause the same issue. 


>> After using for a while, the screen shows color unevenness, it might be water seep into the PCB or power supply caused IC burnt.


>> You can also put a DVI connector to the display and then check whether the output signal going on a right way. In general, the DVI connector resolution of a Linsn card is 1024*768. The display card or driver breakdown will also cause LED display color unevenness. You can try to unplug the network cables of the receiving card and then debugging the button on it to check the LED screen display normal or not. 


The following are many other reasons of full color LED screens display improperly.


1. LED screen are not displaying because of LED screen color unevenness.


Solution: checking whether there is 220V electrical input. 


2. LED electronic display abnormal like color unevenness.


a. checking LED control card parameters are set correctly or not and whether there is signal transmitted to the electronic display LED control card.
b. Communication cables report right or not, see if there is signal input LED controlling card.
c. 5V power supply of LED controlling card operates normal?


3. LED electronic screen partial abnormal display like black screen or blurred screen.  


Solution: Check abnormal screen display power supply is working properly; Signal transmission line fault; Screen single module failure.


A output port is in trouble:

a. Detecting output interface to the signal output of the IC is connected or short circuit.
b. Detecting output clock signal is latched properly.
c. Detecting the last driver to cascade IC output data interface between the port and the output data port whether connected or short circuit.


4. Chassis heat well caused display card in high temperatures. 


Solution: Solve the heat problem.
Check the fan is functioning properly. Oiling the fan, cleaning up the dust inside the chassis and then we can exclude the failure to solve the heat problem.


5. Reinstall the system, video card or monitor does not support high-resolution makes the screen color unevenness.


a. Restart the PC, press F8 button in a row. In the advanced boot menu, choose to enter "safe mode " Enter landing system, and then enter the display settings in the windows. After selecting the 16 -color status, click on the "Apply" button and click “OK" button.
b. Restart the computer. In normal mode windows enter into the Device Manager, remove the graphics driver, and restart the computer.


Above are the introduction of full color LED display color unevenness reasons and solutions. From the simple to the complex, from the basic to start to start investigation, we will be able to solve the problem. If you have any unsolved problem, pls ask for VERYPIXEL after-sales service.

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