Verypixel Monthly August 2012 LED Curve Display
2012/8/15 0:00:00

August is another harvest month for Verypixel, we totally have got 7 big projects. As the competition in this industry mounts, many companies are facing pressure of decreased sales turnover even bankruptcy, Verypixel is having minor warm climate inside. Solely Verypixel people are hardworking and creative, always having fresh ideas in terms of smart and advanced LED display solutions.


1. Perfect curve display for South Africa market.



Verypixel is very famous for LED display solution with tailored sizes and shapes. This curve display is going to be installed in a shopping mall as the customer mentioned before ordering. Customer had very strict requirements on both shapes and surface effects. Our engineer designed super slim and flexible cabinet for this solution. The cabinets are very flexible for any curve angle, which allows the customer a lot of space in terms of installation without causing any gap between cabinets.


2. Triple displays for Netherland customer.




3. LED display for Chengdu damin square.



Verypixel showed mega LED billboard for Chengdu Damin square, the customers are from Chengdu municipal government. They have checked numerous suppliers in Shenzhen, and finally they choose Verypixel, because Verypixel offer complete energy saving solution, which any government should advocate at this energy crisis for the whole world.


4. Double sided LED displays for America.


August we shipped out totally 18 double and single sided LED signs for America market. And our sales director Michael Lee will go to America this Nov. for service and business trip. Double sided LED display is America medium and small business’s favorites. These digital LED signs are very simple to install and maintain. Our front service display is specially developed for this type, and will soon take the place of swing open cabinet structure.




5. LED globe displays shock the world.


As the moment Verypixel launched the LED globe display, it leashed an upsurge for the whole LED display industry. Many customers come to inquire this product, and many clients order one or two led sphere display samples. Now one of our customers placed 10 LED balls in one order, which means our LED globe display technology is become mature and stabilized. Mass production for LED round displays is formulated. If you are a fan of the product, this is the right to time to place the order now.



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