The note of selecting LED indoor screen for large hotels and supermarkets
2022/4/8 0:00:00

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At present, more and more LED Displays go into the indoor, especially large hotel and large supermarket have more access to advertisers. So what are the requirements when large hotels to choose the indoor full color display?


In the indoor environment, The area more than 5m*2m of large full-color display mainly have three choices of general rear projection, DLP (Digital LCD rear projection) and LED display.

 shopping mall LED display

The advantages of rear projection type display are small pixel, high resolution; the disadvantage is low brightness, small viewing angle, and short life of lens lamp (only a few thousand hours). Advantages plasma mosaic also are small pixel, high resolution, disadvantage is the seam, at present the smallest gap can reach 1mm. Rear projection type and plasma display is suitable for close viewing. Advantages of Verypixel’s LED display are of high brightness, without splicing, disadvantage is the pixel coarse, low resolution images. The highest density of present commercial indoor full color LED display can reach to P1.9, namely 277008 pixel /m2. LED display screen is suitable for viewing distance indoor places.

 transparent LED display in supermarket

Selection of indoor LED display screen should focus on the problem, there are several aspects to consider when choosing the LED indoor display. 


① Real pixel and Virtual pixel. The same as outdoor full color display, the pixels of indoor full color display are divided into two types of real pixel and virtual pixel.


② Tube Core. The same as outdoor full color display, we generally suggest indoor full color blue tube and green tube adapt the tube core of "Silan Azure", red tube adapt the tube core of "OPTOTECH" or "HUGA". High-grade products need to adapt the tube core Japan Nichia and USA CREE.


③ The package forms. The surface form of LED indoor full color LED display are single lamp, sub surface mount, three pieces of a surface mount and three in one surface and etc, and appearance is not the same. Advantages of the table mount package is large angle, good luminous consistency, easy automatic welding process, which is a mainstream product of full color LED screen, but now the price is relatively high; the viewing angle of single lamp is small, higher brightness, lower prices. Sub surface mount is also a kind of single lamp. Single lamp and sub surface mount are relatively cheap, it is a transitional product.


④ Density. Due to the higher heat of indoor full color LED chip, the control circuit is of high density, so the dot density of commercialization full color display is not very high, there are several types of P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10, and the VP-Fastile-I10 of Verypixel is a high performance price ratio of indoor P10 maintenance products, the effect of display is  considerable excellent


VP-Fastlie-I10 indor front service led display



⑤ The driving mode. Driving mode of indoor full color LED display is a constant current drive, the dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1/4, 1/8 scan mode). In the tube core under the same condition, 1/4 scanning need more circuit and also have high brightness.

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