VERYPIXEL P3 HD indoor display in Colorado Simon Mall
2015/8/6 0:00:00

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VERYPIXEL recently won the project of indoor display in Colorado Simon Mall, now the display is installed, and VERYPIXEL is glad to show you some photos and videos of this indoor PH3 LED display screen.



Simon Mall display project is the perfect project for the completion of our old partners, also the VERYPIXEL's largest Small Pitch LED display(56sqm) in US market.



As you can see, This LED display has unparalleled clarity and refresh rate, and can rotate 360 degrees, is the focus of mall hall.



VERYPIXEL to provide quality LED display and customer service for the glory, We have rich product line,the application field is very wide. VERYPIXEL has a good reputation in the customer base,so if you are looking for a LED display partner, we will serve you at any time.

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