Advertising indoor LED display

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1. Verypixel advertising indoor LED display contains different models. And the pixel pitch waries from 3mm to 10mm. The pixel pitch should be selected in accordance with the screen size and the viewing distance.

2. Verypixel product has a wide viewing angle. Technically speaking, both the horiziontal and vertical viewing angles reach up to 120 degrees. This alows audiences to see the images clearly from differet diresctions. In adition, the high refresh rate and high gray scale contribute to the exquisite and distinct image display as well.

3. The highly efficient optical fiber transmission system could be applied to cut dowm signal loss that is resulted from the long distance transmission.

4. Owing to the application of a multi-function card, our product could be switched on or off at a fixed time in a manual or automatic way.


The advertising indoor LED display is especially designed for indoor place where the LED brightness doesn't need to ne high, such as cinemas, stages, hotel lobbies, municipal building, shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc.



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