6 Major Characteristics of Full color SMD LED Display Screen Technology

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1. For a wide viewing angle SMD LED display screen, it can be able to watch over a 110° viewing angle in horizontal and also has the same performance in vertical. In many outdoor environments, the large viewing angles like this(110° in horizontal and 110° in vertical ) are full of competitions.




2. In terms of luminous, the brightness of blue, red and green LEDs are the same, which can makes the Full-color SMD LED Display Screen has a perfect video effect. Audiences could be able to enjoy the best full-color screen no matter angle it is. Not like many other LED display screens in the case of angle deviation, the screen color will show distortion situation. 


3. Speaking of the mixed light,owing to SMD LED adopt 3in1 designed technology, this makes a very short distance between every chips. Three chips are mixed into one bracket cup have a better photographing effect than ordinary LEDs.  Watching in a short distance, surface mount Full-color SMD LED Display Screen will have a good viewing effect.


4. In terms of contrast, SMD are designed in 3in1 structure that means only a small area light-emitting and large are of dark, which makes the whole screen has a high contrast ratio.


5. In the production, SMD displays are high automation that can be generated with fully automatic SMT production equipments, high efficiency and low in costs.


6. In terms of body weight, SMD are very light-using aluminum alloy materials for cabinets. They are not only in a light weight but also good in appearance. After prolonged use, there will be no distortion. No matter it's for rental Products Company or your own purchase, there is a very high value.



Also there are many shortcomings with Full-color SMD LED Display Screen. For example, its brightness is lower than other products, poor performance in waterproofing. However, in terms of price/performance, there are also many outstanding performances; it is well worth purchasing this smd product. see more LED Display Solutions, please click here.

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