How to cooling LED display board
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In summer season, LED display board not only has to have a good lighting protection but also should be pay more attention of high temperature in summer, especially for outdoor LED display screens. In some special locations, the temperature is above to 40 degrees while the LED display board still working under such heat environment. In sake of the security of this, VERPIXEL here to help you with this kind of question for how outdoor LED display screens encounter the high temperature testing.


Step 1: Excellent selection in raw materials.
LED display board is consist of cover, PCB( Printed Circuit Board) and shell. In order to make the LED display board capable of fireproof & moistureproof so the waterproof glues also an important part of a LED display board. The cover and shell are all being proven by quality testing that using PC fiberglass material with fire-retardant features. The PCB is sprayed black 3-resisting lacquer can be able to prevent weathering, corrosion.  


High temperature led to LED display board on fire



Step2: Solve the problem of heat dissipation
The bigger outdoor LED display screens is, the more power used, also the more heating. In additional, LED display board working under the high temperature in summer day, which cause difficult to dissipate the heats?


In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, we need to adjust the outdoor LED display screens from the outer design to inner structure. Outer screen adopting hollow design, precision design of high-density circuit boards. Inner structure using macro permeable design to protect the system from prolonged raining and electrical short circuit. Do not add any fans in order to decrease LED circuit load. Combination of inside and outside designs to achieve efficient heat dissipation effect of an LED display board.


High temperature led to LED display board on fire


Step 3: Standardized installation
LED displays board are high-power electrical, it’s easy to short circuit. A good quality VERYPIXEL outdoor LED display screens is made not allowed any short circuit circumstance from wires to structures. For the sake of security, manufacturers should be very careful to install the screen according to the guidance. Making sure right access for the positive and negative, circuit connections are secure and clean up the tinderbox surrounding the LED display board. What’s more, please arrange professional and technical personnel  to make a regular inspection of the LED display board.

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