LED Advertising Panel

Outdoor Advertising LED display Panel,led billboard outdoor,ADs led display screen 

Verypixel’s LED advertising panel are managed by advanced and professional for video screen drive and control systems. They are capable of visualizing more than 281 trillions of colors with a resolution of 16 bit continuously per color. With pixel-sharing technology. Verypixel displays always deliver to all of our customers with excitement! The basic protection of video screen guarantees a better and longer lifetime.


Verypixel has focused on developing this feature and can manufacture all the screens to a protection level of IP65 on the front side, and IP54 on the rear side with iron with cotton filter, which completely isolates the screens from rain and dust. Besides all cabinets with 1000mmx100Omm, which are enable to fit customers ideal screen size. Having good lightening accordance and no mosaic. Using virtual pixels, better viewing effect for both text & graphic and video. Having larger viewing angle: Horizontal angle 160 degree/elevation angle 70 degree. Getting vivid effect within any position of the viewing range. Any LED in died pixel can be respectively repaired, which reduce the cost of the display maintenance.

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