LED Panel Wall

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The LED panel walls are widely used in shopping, malls, supermarkets, stadium shows, and bus stops & railway stations for advertising purpose, live outdoor events and many other places.


Our engineers have designed LED panel walls for excellent picture quality. You will be amazed by the degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution that our LED panel walls feature. Besides, amazing picture quality, our P10 outdoor LED screens are extremely power efficient. All these factors have lined us up among the leading LED display screen suppliers in China.


On top of that, no other outdoor Led display screen supplier offers such advanced display units at the prices that we do. LED panel wall is an innovation in architecture advertising and decoration. It is a breakthrough technology in the architecture media. 80% transparent see-through, so it is convenient for people inside and outside to look-through. The integrated LED lamps are very tiny and almost invisible from outside of the building. It makes no difference on the appearance of the building. No need to change any building structure. The modules can be stuck to the back of the glass wall by the special glue which presented by us. It needs only 10 second to install one module. Should any maintenance occur, it only requires doing it at the indoor. Saving money in decoration for the architecture

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