LED display PC board

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LED display PC board design reasonable or not, would determine directly the LED display quality good or not.


Nowadays in China, most the manufacturers choose the same circuit design of led displays. We think it's normal as the led display technology is very developed and mature. But that doesn't mean all the led displays should be with the same circuit design especially when the clients would install the LED displays in harsh environment. So after all, even if one manufacturer adopt the common seen design for one led display order, still they need to know the reason why, and should make certain the design is good for the practical usage. Only in this way, when one client ask the display for harsh environment, the manufacturers would know how to improve the design, and make it suitable to the led display's application.


LED display module PCB 

The circuit board design is very professional engineering field, so we're not trying to coach you all in one short article, it's impossible. But we'd like to share two basic points with you:


1. The Array of Driving IC. We use this name because it's easier to understand. But actually we should call it as the driving circuit board design, especially when refer the concept of "driver and LED board seperated" technology. If we compare the control system as the brain of human being, the driving IC would be just like the "Ganglion". With very tiny current, the driving IC receive the order from control system and control directly the LED's flicker. In this way and from a far distance, people see the video, image, or letters on the led displays.


If the array of driving IC not good at the circuit design, it would influence the brightness of LED. For example, some the technicans find the brightness of one LED module not average, the LEDs at the edge are darker a little than the ones in centre, that's because the "tiny current" of the driving IC "runs" too long on the PCB board, so it "fades" and influent the normal working voltage of the LEDs.
So with this sample, you'd know how important to make the led display circuit design reasonable and good.


2. The Heat Dissipation. We all know that the overheat would influent the LED's attenuation and stability. So it is important to improve the heat dissipation. Most the people understand the function of Aluminum heat sinks and the cooling fans. But actually a good circuit design would greatly reduce the heat of led module itself. So a simple question and comparison is: for a patient, which is better, to eliminate the possiblity of fever? or to find good method to let the fever gone? The answer is very clear.

Actually it refers the array of all components on the circuit board. On the circuit board, there are big quantity of LEDs, Driving ICs. So it is very important to find the best method to array those components in a reasonable way. And only in this way, we would guarantee the heat dissipated efficiently.


Certainly, there are far more factors need to be considered when design the PCB, and actually it is a classification of modern science. We are just showing those two basic factors the engineers of led display manufacturers need to consider, and hope it would inspire your interest in learning more about led displays technology.


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