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Our core value is to create the maximum value for our customers. So we design novel and creative products for the market.
● Verypixel is a professional LED display solution offer, designer & manufacturer founded by 6 key engineers of LED display industry
● What we supply is not only highly reliable Products, but more professional Solutions & extended Services
● We have 4 engineers who have been working in LED display industry for over 12 years
● We are good at customized, complicated and integrated systems
● Our 15 experienced engineers are waiting for supporting you
● We have already done over 1000 projects all around the world

You might already be familiar with the great things an LED display can do for your business or organization — bring in sales increases of 15% to 150%, grow public visibility, streamline your advertising budget — and now you're ready to source the right suppliers.

 Our Specialty is As Below

Best solution & service for your projects
- Based on our rich LED sign industry experience, professional knowledge and broad product line, Verypixel can supply best solution and service for your projects.




Highly reliable products
- Based on high responsibility to our customers, we insist on adopting high-quality LED and other components, and carrying on strict quality controlling system, so our products are much more reliable.



Easy maintenance with Verypixel breaking-through designings
- Verypixel have strong R&D team with 15 professional engineers and 4 of them with over 10 years’ industry experience. Verypixel is famous on customization and continuous technical support for long-term in the whole industry.




Verypixel quality controlling system mainly composed of four steps:
1. Raw material quality controlling system
2. Production quality controlling system
3. Aging, assembly production and finished product waterproof testing
4. Packaging and loading

              Temp and humidity controlled warehouse.
              Dust-free and antistatic protection for all raw materials

              Voltage, current and brightness uniformity testing
              performance secures quality of LED lamps.

              LED lamps appearance, such as shape, encapsulation
              and material color and down-voltage quality inspection
              and control.

              LED lamps wavelength, color temperature, brightness,
             and wave edges study ensures the LED lamps’ uniformity.

              Cabinet metal part and PCB quality control with salty,
              humidity test equipment.

              Silicon glue testing ensures the silicon glue from raw
              material supplier will not crack and decay, which ensures
              VP products’ waterproof system.

              Module, cables, power supply and controlling system
              temp and humidity programmable testing.

              Brightness, color temperature and wavelength of LED
              sample module and LED display panel.

              SMT, Tin printing and Soldering positioning testing.

              SMT and electronics components position quality inspection.

              Wave soldering for LED lamps to PCB board, and
              other connection components positioning and soldering

              The machine can control the quantity of glue and
              maintain the modules dried in a perfect horizontal

              Module aging testing ensures the working performance
              and uniformity. Test modules’ voltage, current, resistance
              and capacity.

              Waterproof testing ensures outdoor products meet IP65
              requirement. This machine will dip the cabinet inside water
              for 3 minutes.

              Display aging test ensures the controlling system,
              ventilation system , power system and supporting system
              working together for at least 72 hours. No issues will be
              left for customers.

              Transportation imitation to test the durability of parts
              assembly production line and ensures the products won’t
              loosen during the water or air cargo transportation.

              Reinforced wooden package and using foam cushion inside
              the package to well protect the products.

             We use forklifts to load the products, which could ensure
             stable and safe moving for the products.  Skype:verypixel  2007-2018 Verypixel. All Rights Reserved Sitemap