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User-friendly software interface 


User-friendly software interface


LED gas price sign project case 


LED gas price sign project case 


LED gas price sign project case


LED time and temp sign project case 


LED time and temp sign project case




VP-LED Gas Price Sign

 >> In today's ever shifting economy where gasoline prices seem to fluctuate more often than the temperature outside, having a dependable, easy-to-change LED price display has become the ideal advertising solution for many areas of business. Verypixel offer you a reasonable & LED affordable digit solution at the right time. Extremely visible from far distances, Verypixel LED gas price sign also features an improved controller design, making it easier for employees in convenience store to change the sign's price.


>> Verypixel Electronic Gas Price Sign/LED Digital Gas Price Sign - 12" to 60" Character Height - Configuration:8.888/88.88/8.88 9/10 or Customized  -Green/Red/Blue/Amber LED Price Sign - Complete with Controller, Power supply & 2 RF Remote controls (1 remote control is an extra backup remote, in case there is ever a problem) - 140° Viewing Angle


LED Gas Price Sign Details






LED Gas Price Sign Features


1. Display format: 8.888 or 8.888; Customized face designs.
2. Control system: VP Gas price control system making price changes quick and easy.
3. Outdoor or Semi-outdoor brightness available.
4. Special slim gas price design for your special structure request.
5. Different sizes and colors are available that fit your flexible needs and wants.
6. A finished cabinet makes installation trouble-free with no additional fabrication needed.


LED Gas Price Sign Topology






LED Gas Price Sign Parameter


Display Format 8.888 or 8.888; Customized face designs
Color Capability Red, amber, green, blue or white
Digit Height 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 32", 36", 48", 60" etc.
Digit Design 4"to 24" : standard digit; 32" and above are multi-stroke seven segment digits
Brightness Control Auto-dimming by sensor
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 120°, Vertical: 100° or customized
Service Access Front or rear access
Casing Material Steel, aluminum available
Power Input 110/220V AC , 60Hz/50Hz
Display Dimming Over 8 levels of automatic intensity adjustment
Contral Distance Max.15meters for RS232, 1200meters for RS422
Remote Control Type RF wireless remote control with communication range of 300ft / 100m
MTBF >10,000 hours
Life Span ≥100,000 hours
Temperature-operating Temp:-20°C to +60°C; Humidity: 15% -95%RH
Waterproof level IP 54 from 4" to 32" (outdoor), IP65 front & IP54 rear from 32" to 60" (outdoor)

VP-LED Time and Temp Sign

>> Verypixel LED Time and temperature sign turn an everyday location into a household name by presenting two of the most commonly used pieces of information to potential customers.


>> The time & temperature sign is where it all began for Verypixel color LED signs. and deliver excellent viewing at close to medium ranges. many standard sizes are available in either red/blue/green or amber monochrome.


>> Before purchasing a time & temperature sign, be sure to consider LED message signs; the pricing trends in these more detailed electronic message centers have turned many former time & temperature users into color or monochrome message sign owners.


LED Time and Temp Sign Details






LED Time and Temp Sign Features


1. The time ultra-high precision: LED Time display is mainly achieved the remote control the time, Of course, can also be displayed by GPS time.
2. Two kinds of the design: one is semi-outdoor use, another is outdoor use.
3. Semi-outdoor can't waterproofed. It is used under the eave or inside the show windows, something that must cover it before exposing totally outside.
4. Outdoor LED time temperature signs can be used outside. It has the ability under the direct sunshine and rain, It totally waterproof. 


LED Time and Temp Sign Topology






LED Time and Temp Sign Parameter


Avaliable Color Red, green, blue, amber, etc
Number Format 88:88 or 88:88:88
Digit Height 5" 6" 8" 10" 12" 16" 20" 24" 36" etc
Color Capability ≥One color (red green blue or amber)
Contrast Enhancement LEDs protrude through a punched black metal face
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 140°, Vertical: 70° or customized
Service Access Front or rear access
Digit Design Potted digits for weather protection
Power Input 110/220V AC , 60Hz/50Hz
Control Software Handheld controller or alternate
Display Dimming 16 levels (automatic or manual control)
Communication Options Direct connect
MTBF >10,000 hours
Life Span ≥100,000 hours
Temperature-operating -40°F to 120°F with 99% RH non-condensing
Waterproof level IP45 or IP65


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