• Customized LED Ball Screen
  • Type:Unique LED Screen
  • Model:VP-BALL
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  • Available applications: 
    Outdoor High-end advertising application

    billboards, Information Display and so on


Tag: Customized LED Ball Screen, LED Video Globe, Full-color Spherical LED display, Outdoor SMD LED Video Ball

Product Features

Customizable: VP-BALL diameter size can be customized from 1m to 6m,Allow hanging installation, stand on ground or mobile using, offer indoor or outdoor, DIP od SMD. It is worth mentioning that VERYPIXEL just developed a World's First Waterproof SMD Outdoor LED Ball.

Effect: Pixel pitch from 4mm to 16mm, support SMD and DIP, the creative appearance and wonderful showing effect attracts most attention during the usage.

Structure: Extra large ball take to iron structure stronger bearing capacity, low cost; normal ball take to aluminum structure which lighter weighs and better for heat dissipation.

Design: Exclusive PCB design which can make sure the showing picture distortionless.

Maintain: Service front and rear maintenance.





LED ball structure

Ball Video

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