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Verypixel hold"blind date" party for employees on 25th, November
Data:2017/12/2 0:00:00From:VerypixelAuthor:admin

       Verypixel hold "blind date" party for employees on 25th, November 



After a month of preparation, on 25th, November Verypixel hold "blind date" party for employees in an

attempt to bid goodbye to their single lives.


You must be curious. Why a blind date party?

As an old Chinese saying goes, a man is steadfast at the age of thirty.

To get married and start a career is always the standard we call “steadfast”.

It turns out that families have lower turnover rates, more mature ideas, more sense of family

responsibility and social responsibility. The best way to keep good employees is to help

them build a family. It makes them concentrate on their work. 



With a perfect ending, a blind date not so blind, 3 couples fall in love that day.


Verypixel makes great effort to create humanism working &living environment to have ascription&

security for employees and exert all members wisdom &potential to create the more benefit.

We are not only a company, we are family! We Are Verypixel!






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