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What's Control System


Control system is the core of the LED display panels that directly affect the brightness, refresh rate and other parameters of  LED display. Control system is consist of sending cards(installed into PC terminal),receiving cards(installed into the display cabinets) and system software. A part of the special control system attached with GPS chips,multi-function card(temperrature sensor and brightness sensor), etc.


LED control system topology 




Control system is divided into synchronous control system and asynchronous control system.Synchronous control system is to relaize real-time playback of the camera or PC content on LED electronic screen. This synchronous technology mainly apply to Television stations, parties, sporting events and other live applications.However, asynchronous control system is to received the playing signal in advanced and  then offline broadcasting. Which suppots a USB disk or SD card and other mobile storage media, mianly use to outdoor LED advertising display.


Live LED synchronous control system

Live LED synchronous control system


Connection mode


The connection mode between the sending card and the receiving card is varied, since from the most ancient RS232, RS485, to the later cable connection, the optical fiber connection, and then to the present WIFI, 3G connection, the signal transmission way more and more diverse and much more convenient.



LED display 3G control solution

There are some well-known control system manufacturers like LINSN, NOVA and XIXUN. Their controlling products are using most frequently in LED display industry.These brand products are matured in technology, professtional in configuration and also good reputation in LED industry.


LNSIN sending card NOVA reciving card


According to the application environment, LED display should configurate appropriate control system to normal use. When you're in purchasing of LED display, VERYPIXEL will recommend you a professional proposal both insolution and best control system based on your needs.


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